Thai Massage is a very holistic practice and has been practiced for more than 2,500 years. Many of the techniques used in the ancient healing art of Thai Massage can be used on the massage table. This style is widely performed by in Thailand hotels using a quest’s bed rather than the traditional mat on the floor. Table Top Thai Massage is similar to Traditional Thai massage except that it is performed on top of a massage table instead of on the floor. For those of us in the west, Table Top Thai provides clients and therapists who cannot work on the floor an alternative that does not sacrifice any of the numerous healing benefits of Traditional Thai Massage. It is recommended that a client with a full sessions (typically 60-90 minutes) to have maximum benefit of the healing body work. The session includes rhythmic pressing and stretching of the entire body; this may include pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking the knuckles, and arching the recipient into bhujangasana (or cobra position).


What People Say

Thank you so much to Aida. That was the best massage I’ve ever had. So relaxed. She hit every spot that needed to be done. And I felt so comfortable. I would recommend to anyone!!
Kelly Campbell
Nataliya is awesome, great massage therapist. She did an awesome job today, very dedicated. Ask for nataliya. Thanks nataliya will be back and will always recommend you. 😊
Nikita Shah
I have been going here for a year now. I have been seeing Tammi W and she is one of the best massages in I have ever gotten. Thanks for the professional experiences one can want and need.
Debbie Stinson
Honestly had such a wonderful experience! SHULA is the best massage therapist- she is incredibly knowledgeable - and uses a nice amount of pressure. She was so sweet, warm and welcoming! I couldn't recommend her enough! Also if you like a bit more pressure just let her know- she has the muscle to really get in there 🙂
Kelly Duncan

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